(In italiano: Il programma)

Three Levels – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

KidsUP is articulated into three different levels, allowing children who are particularly interested to experience professional growth.

Beginners The basic program, no prior knowledge of business is necessary (pilot completed). (See video)
Intermediate Children who have completed the first level can repeat the program, revisiting the basic theory and going deeper into concepts such as economies of scale, elasticity of demand, effect of competition on pricing, yields of raw materials, negotiation and purchasing (pilot completed).
Advanced Children who have already completed the program become peer-to-peer mentors for other children doing the program (pilot scheduled for June 2018). These children will develop skills in leadership and collaboration, consolidating self-awareness and self-efficacy and gaining greater autonomy.

The Basic Structure

First Session

In the first session children are introduced to the project; the focus of the session will be an understanding of key terminology, creating the company, making an initial investment (each child contributes towards the equity investment), finding a name for each team, the creation of a logo and some brainstorming to determine the product the children will produce and sell. This session is also dedicated to motivation, team-building and identification of values such as respect and collaboration.

From an EntreComp perspective, the first session will stimulate creativity, discuss vision and opportunities, and introduce ethical concepts.

Second Session

In the second session children will work on the Value Proposition (VP). This will involve discussing the VP framework, and working on the importance of fit between target, need and solution. They will also develop a rough prototype of the product they intend to produce and sell, discussing price range and costs. They will also learn the rudiments of market research and administer a survey to at least 5 adults.

Third Session

In the third session children will complete the prototype if necessary, discuss the results of the survey to confirm assumptions about VP and pricing, and encounter the “4 Ps of marketing”, focusing on promotion (promotional material such as a flyer or a video, as well as packaging design). They will also prepare and practice a pitch to sell their products to their parents and other adults close to them. Their home assignment will be to pre-sell their products, taking advance payment and issuing receipts.

Fourth Session

In this session the children will review the orders received and organize the production accordingly, and will take the finished products home for the delivery.

Fifth Session

The last session is dedicated to “bean counting”: children will be introduced to the double-entry accounting system, entering the basic transactions to record sales completed, cash received, cash paid out for expenses, and ultimately distributing profits. The program finishes with a brief presentation of the entire project to the parents, including a reflection on the lessons learned.

KidsUP Mapped onto the EntreComp Framework

The following table summarizes the contents of each session, showing how it ties to the EntreComp framework.

Session 1 2 3 4 5
Spotting opportunities X
Creativity X X
Vision X X
Valuing ideas X X
Ethical and sustainable thinking X
Self-awareness and self-efficacy X X X X X
Motivation and perseverance X X X X X
Mobilising resources X X X X X
Financial and economic literacy X X
Mobilising others X X X X X
Taking the initiative X X X X X
Planning and management X X X
Coping with uncertainty, ambiguity and risk X X X
Working with others X X X X X
Learning through experience X X X X X

In addition, children will exercise specific skills like team-work, public speaking, respect for others and learning to cope with failure. Team-work in particular can be considered a key towards integration, a very important aspect in a country in which about one in every four students has at least one foreign parent.