“…smart, savvy, successful businessmen. And they are 10 years old!” (Huffington Post article)

KidsUP is an innovative idea that addresses the need to educate children for the challenges of the 21st century, focusing on one key area: the entrepreneurial mindset that favors the lifelong learning of entrepreneurial skills. KidsUP is a methodology that uses a non-formal learning approach, whereby children aged 8-13 can learn the “abc” of entrepreneurship in five 2-hour sessions. The format is deliberately designed to be light and easily adaptable to a variety of settings, such as:

  • Extra-curricular activity to be conducted in the schools after hours
  • Extra-curricular activity to be conducted in other settings, such as summer camps or holiday programs
  • Activity offered by companies to their employees or constituencies, for instance as part of their social responsibility charter
  • Course to be offered by other educational organizations


The program uses elements of the Lean Start Up methodology to provide basic notions of product development, marketing, sales, purchasing, production and accounting. It can be integrated into fab lab activities, and can be taught in English to reinforce language skills. It can also be finalized towards a fund-raising activity for a social cause. Finally, it is 100% based on group work, promoting team work and inclusion.

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