Although, contrary to expectations, with the arrival of summer the level of activity has not decreased, I wanted to take a few minutes to share the results achieved during the 2017-2018 period, thanking the extended KidsUP team of their precious help.

Consolidation of the Programme

What started as a hunch now has a precise structure, solidly embedded within the European Skills framework. The program has been applied in different levels:

  • Beginners: the basic structure and path.
  • Intermediate: those who followed the Beginners program can repeat the experience, gaining deeper insights into economics, accounting, marketing and team-building
  • Advanced:  those who have completed the first two levels “return to the classroom” as peer mentors, supporting the Coach and helping the other children follow the program.

In addition, the program was fully mapped onto the entrepreneurial skills of ‘Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp).

Collaboration with Fondazione Mondo Digitale


For the first time, we offered the KidsUP FabLab edition, in collaboration with FMD, to a total of 36 children aged 6 to 13, in two weeks. The children worked with the KidsUP coaches, and then produced the logos, the prototypes, the products, and the advertising in the digital labs.

Find the beautiful results at the following links:

The KidsUP Coach

With the opportunity provided by FMD, we completed the training of the first two KidsUP coaches, Antonia Fraga and Angela Pirro, who now are able to run KidsUP on their own. In addition, we launched the first “call for trainees” to have a pipeline of coaches to train and later deploy. This activity will be critical to the growth of the project.

kidsup call for trainees (1)

KidsUP and the Schools

With the experience of the FMD summer camps, we were able to meet representatives from two schools (thanks Fabio!) who might be interested in adopting KidsUP. The plan for the school environment is to start with KidsUP Beginners in 4th grade, then continue with KidsUP Intermediate in 5th grade; finally, the children who have “graduated” from both programs and moved onto middle school, can come back to do the KidsUP Advanced Program, supporting the Coaches and peer mentoring the other children.

It has become clear that KidsUP matches perfectly the need schools have to demonstrate that children have developed the key competences required by the European Union, which includes entrepreneurship!

Social media

In recent months we have created or strengthened our social media presence in WordPress (blog), Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram (thanks, Angela!); on Facebook alone, since October 2017 we have reached over 16,500 people!

The future

In addition there are several projects in the pipeline, but I will tell you more about them when I have more concrete results. There are still many things to do!

Hoping that you will continue to accompany KidsUP with the same enthusiasm that you have shown so far, I wish you all …

a wonderful summer!




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